Rajah Thavalou

Rajah Thavalou is a civil and commercial mediator, arbitrator (MCIArb) and a consultant solicitor.

He lectured for many years on Company and Commercial Law at various universities in the UK and Europe. He currently provides commercial litigation training and lectures on the International Sale of Goods and Construction Laws in Africa.

Rajah specialises in all aspects of commercial mediation and arbitration. His focus is on resolving problems and finding solutions for businesses, contracts, shareholders and board contract and employment.

Rajah has a wealth of commercial experience and legal and procedural knowledge underpinning his ability to find solutions to complex problems faced by clients in crisis or undergoing potentially radical changes.

Rajah trained with NDR and is accredited with the Civil Mediation Council as a Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediator.

Contact him at mail@conciliummediation.co.uk

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