Winnie Onyekwere

Winnie Onyekwere has a dual background as a contentious and non-contentious consultant solicitor and mediator. She brings over 28 years of combined consultant experience helping and facilitation individuals, business, organisations and workplaces to resolve interpersonal and legal disputes with mediation. He full-time mediation work focuses on the civil, commercial and workplace sectors.

Winnie is a natural communicator, bringing together parties in mediation and supporting them through the process, with a great deal of hands-on experience in gaining the cooperation of those who work with her in helping to resolve problems. Her success as a mediator stems from her keen analytical skills, sound legal knowledge and her grasp of the business world; leading her to achieve results in seemingly unmanageable situations. She specialises in commercial, workplace and civil disputes.

Winnie trained with NDR and is accredited with the Civil Mediation Council as a Civil, Commercial and Workplace Mediator.

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