10 Reasons conversation is essential in the workplace

by Winnie Onyekwere

In this article, I explain why the main skill of collaboration for a leader is engaging in conversation. In order to ensure that a team or workforce are committed to the success of a project, a leader should be able to listen to the views of others, that differs from their own and ask powerful questions. It will inevitably lead to increased positive outcomes for the organisation’s vision, values and mission. This process encourages deep listening to others, a willingness to share your own point of view and search for solutions that are good for all, not just for a minority, building emotional safety, trust and goodwill in the workplace.

10 Reasons on the importance of Conversation

  1. Conversation is about talking openly. The more we take time to talk openly, the better our solutions to conflict become and the more committed we become to carrying the solutions out.
  2. Conversation is concerned for oneself and others
  3. Conversation seeks unity and mutuality
  4. Conversation is to explore and learn
  5. Conversation listens to understand an argument or debate
  6. Conversation sees lots of sides in an argument or debate
  7. Conversation views nuances and complexities
  8. Conversation is interested in the discovery of truth in a debate or argument
  9. Conversation looks for enlightenment
  10. Conversation provides a release of suppression of thought

So what if a leader is able to engage in conversations more openly, whilst listening and respecting the points of view of others, there would at least be three positive outcomes:

  • The workforce would come to understand the value of the strategy and commit to its success
  • A leader would be able to understand or be persuaded from the workforce that a strategy or a project would not be able to get full support or viability
  • A leader would be able to understand whether a project is a good idea
  • A leader would be able to understand whether the timing of a project is right or establish clearer criteria about when to initiate it

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